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    really thank you very much!

    I'm always stressed by Red, 'cause he's an important color, no so easy as it seems to paint.

    so happy you like it.

    now I will show you a funny project, a gift...

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    if you want to win this figure, just follow the rules here:

    good luck!

    vote and comments are always welcome, cheers
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    Love your work, seen some of them live at monte san savino show, hopefully will see some more work of yours live in the future.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Just voted. This nurgle warrior ist just amazing. I love the rust effect and the bright colour choice you did.

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    finally I can show something!!!!

    here is my last boxart painted for the new kickstarter by Bigchild creatives/Black Sailors

    the kick has started yesterday, follow the link to buy some beautiful dwarves:

    I really enjoyed the painting of this shaman,
    I hope you like it!

    more photos in my fb page: @rustoart

    cheers, rusto
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    kitbashing is very creative and funny, sometimes more than sculpt new figures with clay!
    I choose some of my favorites details to create a new big Lord!
    you can find Tzeentch (of course!), Khorne, nighthaunt, Slaanesh...

    painted with acrilycs, metal not metal
    was a long time without painting warhammer, I had a lot of fun to do it. if you like it, I will do more warhammer!!! it's not a problem if your style doesnt work with gw , just go on and create your best figure everytime you wish and you can do it!

    more photos on my fb page: @rustoart

    this figure is sold
    I hope you like it!
    comments are always welcome! CIAO...
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