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    Looking for Sedition Wars resin releases you may have kicking around and are willing to sell.

    I will consider all Sedition Wars resins, but Here's a more specific list of what I'm looking for in the resin pieces:

    40mm Resin Sedition Wars bases (pictured in the middle)

    Vanguard Female trooper
    Vanguard Grenadier
    Vanguard Male Trooper
    Gnosis armour troopers
    Nikita Perostek on Jetcycle

    Resin Commander Dargu
    Firebrand female conscript Terrorist
    Firebrand Male Conscript Terrorist
    Firebrand Male drone
    Firebrand female drone
    Firebrand Jagganat Heavy

    Strain Glow In The Dark set

    Bounty Dogs
    Vantara Sharro

    Battle Mat
    Also, I am after the beta battlemat poster that was released:

    I am UK based and I am willing to pay postage for stuff to be shipped to me from outside the UK, so let me know what you have.
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