Gloss varnish between stages; how to
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Thread: Gloss varnish between stages; how to

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    Default Gloss varnish between stages; how to

    Hi, everyone!

    I have some mixed plastic/metal minis (I've scavaged some old models for parts).
    I've basecoated+washed the parts, and too late (dumb me) I've discovered the pinning tecnique to better interconnect the parts, so I'm doing it now. With several chipping problems on the metal parts, obviously...
    So, I'm planning to terminare the pinning (obviously), then go on wiith all the base colors and varnish everything in gloss varnish to "fix" and reinforce the painting, as I have read in several threads.
    Now I need some hints about how to go on with the painting after the gloss varnishing stage.
    Can I go on painting directly on the gloss varnish?
    Is it better to add a matte varnish layer over the gloss one to have a texture similar to the original one (paint without gloss varnish)?
    Any other generic hints for metal models/chipping/protections?

    Many thanks!

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    I think you misunderstood something.
    The gloss varnish is used after the painting is done to protect the paintjob (with a few matt varnish coats to cut back the shine). It's not that often used inbetween layers (3 exceptions I can suddenly think of are: using oil washes, for applying transfers and to fill very small gaps before an undercoat).

    That said to your questions:
    - yes you can paint over it, but because of the smooth surface the first 1-2 layers will be blochy / won't look good. Easiest way to remedy: hit it with a matt varnish first then paint over that
    - I do like painting over the matt better, so I'd say yes
    - not really. I have a LOT of metal models even gaming ones and never had a problem with chipping. They have a gloss coat for protection + 2 matt ones to kill the shine (and also some extra protection) + I kept/carried them in custom foam (sabol, feldherr, battlefoam). Some I even dropped from a meter high and they survived without a chip/scratch.

    I carry even metal 'display' minis that are varnished in simple bubblewraps without any damage to the paintjob (and carry here means: taxi to airport, flight, taxi/bus/train to event and back).
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thanks for the info!
    I know that, tipically, the varnishing is the last step. But I've read of some people protecting in between layers. One even mentioned "a friend" that gloss varnish after every step (!?!?).
    Thought that an extra varnish after the base coat could be a good mid way between just-at-the-end and too-many.
    Will think about it a little more.

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    I watched Chris Clayton doing a demo and he hits with AK INTERACTIVE MATTE between work areas, via an airbrush.
    My initial thoughts are why gloss? Matte makes more sense as it’s easier to work over matt if you need too.

    For gaming pieces gloss will ‘protect’ to some extent especially if done right...and/or matte over the top of that.
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