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    Hi guys. Finished this little guy from Super Dungeon Explore up a little while ago and had some time to take pics. Comments and critiques are always welcome!

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    Hey man. This is a really nicely painted little model. I’ve got a lot of time for these little chibi models.

    Keep em comin!

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    Really well done. If I had one critique it looks like you didn't add any edge highlight to the belt and maybe paint the belt buckle metallic or at least some other color. (if that black stripe is a belt that is)

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    That is kind of embarrassing haha. Idk why I didn't see that. Will definitely be getting that belt painted and finished

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    Besides the belt already captured by eki there is nothing really to be changed.
    Just one question: Did you leave the base undesigned on purpose? That is something which could round up the picture.

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    I did leave the base alone. I wanted to start work on another figure and thought it would be ok as is. I will most likely go back and paint it in the near future

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    Beutuful miniature!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperStryker8 View Post
    That is kind of embarrassing haha. Idk why I didn't see that.
    Nothing to be embarrassed about, I do it all the time. I have thought I was done with a figure and put it aside and then will look at it later realizing that I forgot to paint some detail or two. Besides, this is the Work in Progress section so you could always just say that this is what you have done on it so far

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