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    We had a long and satisfying journey in bringing these miniatures to life. Our first project was on Kickstarter and it was a wild success. From this beginning, we improved and refined many details in our process. With this experience under our belts, we want to offer you a discounted wholesale price so that anyone can enjoy our products. All miniatures are cast by hand from premium resins. Everything you see has already been produced, and will get them in the shortest possible time.

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    We bring modern style to the classic high fantasy look in miniatures.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
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    You have some pretty sweet looking orcs and gobbos. I have just bought a couple of the larger figures and can’t wait to rip the packaging off when they arrive. Only one gobbo was available so I’ll have to get the other another day. The add on extras are a cool touch too.

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    Thank you very much for your inspiring words! We strive to continually increase the quality of our miniatures.
    We'll also look forward to the results of your painting.
    Also wanted to inquire, what miniatures do you like to paint? Do you like busts?

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    I don’t really mind if it’s a bust or full figure. Depends on what appeals to me at the time. I like full figures because I like the feeling of completion with a full figure but if the detail on a bust speaks to me I will buy that instead.

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    Thanks for the answer. Can I write to you not here in the subject, but perhaps by a personal message here or by mail?

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    Just send me a private message when on here.

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