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Thread: [KS] Iron Age Farmstead by Steepled Hat Studios for 28mm wargaming

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    Default [KS] Iron Age Farmstead by Steepled Hat Studios for 28mm wargaming

    Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to drop by and share this Kickstarter with you all : Steepled Hat Studios Iron Age Farmstead

    In this project Steepled Hat Studios offers you three main elements: a Granary, a Fence Set, and a Round house. Each of these pieces can be pledged for individually or in sets to design an entire farmstead.

    These scenery pieces were designed by researching and studying ancient Briton and the various reconstructed Iron Age villages that exist in the United Kingdom. They therefore fit well with those who game with ancient Britons but would certainly work for Gallic or German homes, early dark age settlements, or fit in with many Fantasy scenarios!

    Click here to check out the project!

    A video with more details was released on Steepled Hat Studios YouTube page - so one could check it out for more details!


    Many thanks for your time!

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    Hello everyone!

    We've reached 33%!

    There's about 20 days left to go here and we still have a ways to go! That means there's only 20 days left to jump on and support this project.
    Remember these are all pre-painted terrain pieces but we also offer the raw resin forms as well for those who want to paint their own up!


    Thank you for checking this Kickstarter out! If there's any questions please give me a shout!

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    Hello everyone!

    We've added our Desert Guard Tower as a pledge reward option for this Camapaign!
    But there's only 50 of them to go round! Special $55 Free shipping offer ($45 for Farmstead backers!)

    Check them out here and more details in the Special Offer Section! http://kck.st/2zJrth9

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    Hello everyone!

    We're at 60% and there is only about 10 days left to fund this project!


    Check it out before time runs out!
    Thank you!

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    Hello everyone!
    Just a reminder that there are only 5 days left now to pledge towards this project. We're at 91% and are nearly funded!
    Last chance to get an Iron Age Farmstead scenery piece!
    There are still many Desert Empire Guard Towers as well!

    Click the link to check it out before this Kickstarter ends! http://kck.st/2zJrth9

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    71 Hours to go!

    Thank you all so far for your interest! Almost there with 94%


    Just a little more to reach our funding goal! These are the last hours to jump in on this project!
    Thank you!

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