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    Hi here i some faces made by me

    Name:  IMG_20180415_165347.jpg
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    You are joking in your other posts aren’t you? Nah, just kidding. You can paint really well for someone starting out. You might want to think about going in around the moustache with a dark colour on the guy with the goatee. It looks a bit strange being lined by a really stark light flesh. Or maybe it just looks that way in the photo.

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    Hi Bullfrog, photos aren´t the best way to see a figure, mostly because they are oversized and you see things ... oversized . Any of this heads are 4 times smaller or more. Other peoples Figures looks much bether for me when I see them on real , and believe me I´ve seen alot of figures all arround Europe. Anyway photos are the best way we have for share hour "humble" works ...
    Yhank you for the advises

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    The faces are nice, but that leather helmet is awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KruleBear View Post
    The faces are nice, but that leather helmet is awesome!
    Thank you- it´s a mix of satin and matt acrillics from vallejo, I´m quite busy at this momment, but I possibely try to make a SBS apon this.

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