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    Default Webcam remote play?

    Has anyone tried (or would be willing to try) a remote game using a webcam aimed at the table? One player moves all the figures but otherwise the game would play normally.

    I've done this with other games and I think it could work quite well with SOIF.

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    That's so funny to find someone else out there that has done this too!

    I don't currently have a webcam but I think this would be a lot of fun!

    T W
    To the Iron Throne!

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    If anyone wants to try sometime, I have a webcam. So I could host the game if you want to tune in and be the remote player. I'm a 44 year old casual player. I'm all about having fun and not nit-picking and trying to win at all costs. I'm competitive but fair, flexible and fun.

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    I am currently travelling but will be home within the next few weeks. I have a game table in my home office and can stream video from there. According to my helper there are about a dozen CMON boxes waiting at my place. I live in a remote area and am planning on trying this with my kid overseas too. I would be interested. Have you gotten in many games yet? I did the Kickstarter but have been travelling for several months. I haven't even read the rules yet, and would be curious on how you are liking the game. My best to you from an old man from the great white north.

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    Zzzman74, i would be down to play remotely with you sometime if your still interested.

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