Hey Guys! I`m new here!
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Thread: Hey Guys! I`m new here!

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    Cool Hey Guys! I`m new here!

    I`m wondering how many miniature painters use 3D printers to print and paint miniatures. And how you guys clean them from ladders?
    Anyway, I want to show my latest 3D printed mini.
    Meet "Vova, the Toilet". I hope he wont give you the PTSD
    Also, can I have some advices on howw to post on the website?
    Thanks!!!Name:  photo_2018-11-08_22-50-502.jpg
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Size:  517.9 KBName:  photo_2018-11-08_22-50-2.jpg
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    Well that is disgusting and welcome to the forum. As far as I can tell only a couple of us active forum members have messed with 3D printing and mostly for accessorie (e.g. Bases and terrain). I have a resin printer I have been playing with on some miniature.

    I think in general several of the active members are display painters and the 3D printing available to the average hobbiest isn't to that level yet.

    I suggest starting a thread in the wip section which is most active and where you are most likely to get feedback.

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    Thank you!
    I appreciate the advice. I will try. The toilet is 3D printed by the way.
    How much did a resin printer cost? If you dont mind me asking.

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    Welcome to the forums.

    What kind of printer do you use?

    As for Krule: I think he has a Anycubic Photon which costs between 400-500usd slowly getting cheaper and cheaper. (first I heard about it it was 500, about a month ago I saw an adv. for 350).
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Yeah, I have had it for awhile now. Both of my printers are Anycubic. The resin unit is the Photon and was somewhere around $500. It makes nice prints, but is more finicky for than a filament unit. Also the resin is more expensive per unit that PLA filament. I have also learned that the photon is "low power", so you need to be sure to buy resin that cures at low power. I made the mistake of buying some that was intended for high power laser UV resin printer---I just mad muck instead of prints

    I am stll learnin the basics, but have been happy with some of the product I have made. Once the kids get a little older I may start designing my own pieces, but for now I am buying files or using Thingiverse. Scattered in the last dozen pages of my wip thread are some examples of prints I have made.

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    Thank you for the welcoming!
    Resin printer is quite an interesting idea.
    “You've got flies in your eyes. That's why you can't see them.”

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    I didn't buy mine direct, but paid a little more through Amazon as I figured if I needed to return it for some reason I would have fewer problems. I was so happy with the quality of the Anycubic Photon and ease of set up that when I bought the Anycubic i3 Mega filament printer, I bought it directly from Anycubic via Ebay.

    Now someday I hope I to get he filament printer I backed on Kickstarter several years ago! Lol!

    edit: btw your print looks fine, but the toilet itself is where design/subject matter has a big impact on results. We naturally think of a toilet being very smooth ceramic, so when we see the rough surface from the layering it confuses our brain and we think something is off on it. If the toilet was an old school outhouse stool made froms rough wood our brains would interpret he rough finish as the grain of the wood and we'd be more likley to accept it.
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    Well, I dont have neiter Amazon, nor funds to back up a printer on kickstarter xD
    Yeah, I agree about toilet, I did my best to make it smooth (what a sentence indeed). And that is a photo, in real life it is much less obvious that there are some rough edges.
    I remember trying to print a Krieg infantry... That was... quite an experiment...
    I have photos, you want to see that embarrassment?)))
    “You've got flies in your eyes. That's why you can't see them.”

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