Rivet wars alive!!!
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Thread: Rivet wars alive!!!

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    Cool Rivet wars alive!!!

    Saw a post this morning!

    Rivet wars are looking for a new publisher, as CMON are not supporting them.

    They have issued some files for 3D printing of new figures + Stats.

    Fingers crossed for a new release before too long!


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    For more information, apparantly Western Front doesn't fit into CoolMiniOrNots scheduling. It's done and ready to go, but they are having some trouble with a publisher. They want to get the units into people's hands, so they released the Ruska Units here and they will be releasing rules and models and more to come. He also announced work on a video game, but please read the whole facebook post here.

    Please check out the Rivet Wars Reddit to keep up to date on developments and I will be making videos following these as soon as November is over. Thank you all for sticking with this game!!! I am so excited!!!
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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