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    This very basic tactic is what the Starks excel at so it cannot be emphasized more. Starks have a lot of great movement cards that make this even better.

    Run a fast unit of Berzerkers (preferably with Bran+Hodor or Robb attached to it) straight towards a target enemy with a unit of Outriders just alongside but ahead of them. Use the Outriders to get completely in the flank or rear of the target enemy unit, even if this takes your full activation to do so. Remember that you can pivot after doing a March! By doing so you will have the Outriders out of LOS of the target unit. This means that they will have to spend a whole turn to face you (but can’t charge), while exposing their flank or rear to your Berzerkers OR they will have to charge your Berzerkers. With Robb in there, you can force their charge to be Disorderly. With Bran+Hodor in there you can similarly hamper their charge at you. If they choose this option, they will have to take a flank or rear (most likely REAR) charge at them from your Outriders! You may even be able to pull it off during the same round if you make use of the Movement tactics board (Outriders can charge when targeted by it). You can do this well with a unit of Sworn Shields too but I am recommending Berzerkers because of their super impressive 6” movement. You can use your Wolf/Wolves to also set up similar dilemmas on the other side of the board. J

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    In my first game the shining strategy that I saw is basically what you described. Umber footmen are fast and so hinder a supporting cavalry unit as little as footmen can. Robb seems like he would be good with them. I will probably try that next game.

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