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    Hi all

    Thanks for the add.

    I fairly new to the game and I'm a bit confused on how you use the tactics cards that have vows on them. As I understand if you attach the card to a NW unit you get whatever is written at the bottom. How do you use the top part of the card, is just as a normal tactics ( play and then discard ) or do you add the top part of the card as well as the bottom on the turn you play it.

    eg The Shields of the realms of men card allows a unit to block D3 hits ( top of the card ). If this card is attached a vow you get to block D3 hits every time you are attacked so long as you control the money bag.

    Questions is on the turn you play the card ( and attach ) do you get both effects.... ie 2 x D3 or does the vow at the botton replace the top part and give just 1 x D3.

    thanks in advance

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    the top part of the card is only as a tactic card. This is ignored when you use the vow part

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    So when you play it.... it's either or

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    1)you play the card first when the trigger comes up.
    2) You play the tactics card part of the card
    3) you attach the vow part on the unit that was targeted by the tactics card (if it doesn't target anyone, pick a unit)
    4) if you have the right conditions for the vow, you can use the vow. so the sword in the darkness can make a enemy vulnerable and can give your unit +2 if you have the combat zone.

    Next time only use the part 4 for that unit unless you play a new card.

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    In this specific case, no, the timing for the second part (e.g. the Vow effect) of the Shields of the Realms of Men has passed- it triggers when the unit is targeted for an attack. By the time you play the Vow you are in the middle of resolving the attack.
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    So in the case of "The sword in the Darkness", the NW´s unit which I just activated and on which I play this card as I´m using it to make a melee attack, can or cannot apply the effect of the vow as I already control the necessary part of the tactics board?

    As you explained that Shields of the Realms of Men is a specific case, do you mean it´s an exception and that in all the other cases, such as "the sword in the darkness", you can use the effects of the vow inmediately when you play the tactics card?.

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    Each vow is case by case based on the words. For Sword in the Darkness, (if you already control the sword tactics zone) then yes, you get both benefits. Playing the Tactics card you make the enemy vulnerable, and attach the Vow. Then you move onto rolling attack dice, which you meet the criteria to gain an extra 2.

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