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Really great job on this dio so far and great use of bits and pieces to put it together! I know it could be difficult, but maybe something to look into down the line, like filling that clear tube (on the gun) with some UV reactive fluid, such as the stuff for liquid cooling computers. You would have to seal off both ends so it doesn't evaporate and such but if you could get it under UV light it would look pretty cool
Cheers ekipage! The liquid-idea sounds great! I'll keep it in mind for a future project. To be honest, I have avoided thinking about LEDs and stuff (even on my Land Raider & Fire Raptor scratcbuilds) because I very much want to be able to produce the effect of light and shade on minis using only paint.

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Looking great!
could you cast the cog and put one on each side, then retain your original idea of having the chain coming out of them?
Great idea SaintToad, I'll think about it. I would have loved to keep a single focal point above the dreadnought, with the pilot kind of looking up towards it. I might build out the cog into a larger mural piece, maybe with extra little skulls below feeding down the chains, maybe with some gears and other mechanical pieces involved. We'll see...

I have opened up the Fire Raptor and removed the protective stuffing from the inside, given that the major airbrush work is now done.
The pilot is ensconed safely back in his cockpit:

I then started re-priming the engine and other exposed mechanical parts in black.
Here are some shots with the fully posed model: