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Thread: gorb's paint & putty pony show

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    This is brilliant gorb, right up my street. I've done a fair bit of architectural style card modelling for work in my time (back in the pre-3d software days). Just checked out your thread on the other site....fascinating stuff!

    Definitely keep us up to speed on this one!

    How did I manage to miss all of this....
    Thanks heaps Hairster!

    I love modelling with paper + card, it is cheap and easy. The work that architects used to (still?) do with card is amazing.
    It beats 3d modelling and 3d printing any day of the week. Call me nostalgic, or maybe just old fashioned

    I would post more of the actual building here, it is just that I started the thread over at papermodelers, and I don't really like double posting everywhere.
    So I decided to keep the detailed buildlog there, and post updates here every now and then.

    This should change by the time I get to painting, at which time I'll do all the updates here. I always get the feeling that the guys over there enjoy the
    modelling more, and consider painting as "covering up all the nice paperwork"

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    Nostalgic, old fashioned? I say you're badass! There are many amazing talents that have fallen prey to the ever advancing progress of technology, but there's something to be said for craftsmanship that is hand-wrought. Blacksmithing, clay modeling (specifically, automotive design), etc are lost arts, in my opinion. I commend your talent, and ask that you just keep showing us what you can do!

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    Thanks DaBeebs! Very kind and encouraging words. I'll keep posting

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    Anything new going on with your "paper airplane"? lol

    Waiting to see how it looks to see with some paint and some weathering on it.

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    I'm taking a short break from the paper airplane

    Been working on another project: the paper dreadnought. I decided to rebuild it closer to what I had envisioned before.
    So far I have rebuilt the body, waist and legs.

    In the photos, I posed it with the help of some bluetack, and added the lascannon and claw from the previous build.
    That's why it looks a bit wonky.

    I built the open chassis to be a bit more interesting. I plan to make a bit of a diorama out of it.

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    Default Top engine detail

    Been working on the top of the Raptor, where the official model has some exposed engine piping.
    I wanted a bit more detail there, similar to the exposed engine pits on everyone's favorite spaceship.

    Not sure if I pulled it off. It looks a bit too clean, and most of all way too symmetric. But it is fun to build!
    Attached Images Attached Images    

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    I like the additions. The symmetry, IMO, works for what you've got going on. The "too clean," is something I would think could more successfully be addressed with the weathering that I imagine you will be doing in that area? Either way, it looks great! Keep at it!

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    I cannot believe the talent that is in this thread. It’s magnificent work.

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    You are a paper magician, this is truly awesome! I've made some papercraft models over my lifetime and I know from my own mistakes it's hard to achieve this level of precision

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    You are truly a wizard with discarded cereal boxes! Really amazing job you are doing with paper, cardboard, etc to build this stuff.

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    Just re-discovered this thread. Amazing! Really mind blowing!

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    ​Raptor looks amazing!

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    Thanks guys, very kind comments! It really helps to have support from a group of fabulous artists like yourselves.

    DaBeebs, yes I plan to weather the engines a fair bit, so that should add some detail too.
    I'm in the last (excruciatating) 1% phase of adding detail, then I can finally give her a first gray primer coat and do a detail sanity check

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    Default More details

    Added some more details:

    These finicky things on the wings, that look like connectors

    The exposed rear parts of the main cannon

    In the last photo, the cannons are still attached with bluetack, so if it looks unaligned that is because it is

    Added some more detail to the cockpit

    So here is the current state of play:

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    Amazing work you’ve got going on!

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    Ok so are you like an engineer from the United state army Corp of engineers- or my other guess is your the engineer who taught the United States Army Corp ofcengineers.

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    Cheers BaM, love your comments!
    Yes, I am an engineer, but only of software; can't claim anything more than that

    I cast another figure from the mold I had made previously, then chopped and reorganized his arms and added a bit of lower body.
    This guy will be the pilot.

    At this point, I am 99.9% finished with construction. Last night was spent adding a fair number of greeblies and surface texture.
    Now I will finish painting the gunners, pilot and cockpit, then the main paint job can start.

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    Really amazing work. Have a lot of respect for scratch builds. It's the highest form of modelling skill.

    Lvl. 1 Build a kit
    Lvl. 2 Build a base for your kit
    Lvl. 3 Add selfbuild detail to your kit
    Lvl. 100000 -> BUILD YOUR OWN KIT !!!

    Would probably leave it unpainted so that everybody can see all the different materials that went in there ^^
    The ball turrets are crazy man!

    The long work and patience was worth it.

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    Thanks heaps CyAniDe!

    Quote Originally Posted by CyAniDe View Post
    Would probably leave it unpainted so that everybody can see all the different materials that went in there ^^
    This is a point someone else raised in another forum, they were kind of sad/angry when I started priming my Land Raider.
    To them, I was "covering up" the work I had done.

    To each his own, I guess. For me, the end goal is the final constructed *and* painted model

    I have to admit though: I left a bottom panel off the Land Raider, just so when I tell people that I made it from of paper I can
    flip it over and they can see the corn flakes label inside as proof

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