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Thread: gorb's paint & putty pony show

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    Well your "Panzer Girl" is looking top notch! Really like the hex texture you put on the suit. Hmm, cut the visor out or not? I would say go for it if you are going to cast it for sale. This would allow whomever buys it decide if they want to paint it opaque or leave it clear

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    Thanks ekipage!
    Yeah the hex texture is interesting. I was looking around for ages, trying to find anything with a similar texture to that which I had in my mind: nylon surfaces have interesting textures but the pattern is too fine, for example. At work we were cleaning out a heap of junk gear, then I found this interesting piece of 2" square mesh, and it worked perfectly.

    I've gone and cut out the visor, surprisingly the inner and outer rim on the helmet line up perfectly, not much cleanup to do.
    So I'll cast the visor itself in clear resin, and the rest of the mold in opaque.
    Been playing around with the positioning of all the elements (the upside of making individual pieces is that I can move them around. The downside is I never stop fiddling with things *sigh*)
    I have started on the details on the back of the suit, so it should be done Fairly Soon Now.

    As for the Raptor, I've given the hull a base-coat of GW Red Gore. But my pot is now empty! So I am considering getting a replacement pot of Wazdakka Red (which I think is the replacement color?). Not sure if my Army Painter Dragon Red will be close enough to match... any thoughts?

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    Well, Wazdakka is supposed to be the replacement color so should be similar. As for Army Painter Dragon Red, if you go by this chart it is supposed to be compatible: https://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/P...tibility_Chart

    However looking at the two web pages, Dragon Red seems to be different enough to be noticeable especially on a larger model
    Here is the two side by side from their respective web pages:
    Name:  Paints.png
Views: 201
Size:  16.7 KB But we all know that web pages don't necessarily give the best examples so I would test them out before just mixing them on your model

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    How I love this thread- a true testimony to the uncanny ability of human creativity.

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    Panzer girl is really shaping up nicely! I think the quality of the sculpt is going to be very close to some commercial products. Looking forward to more updates on her and anything else you've got going on as they're all mind-blowing projects

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    Thanks for the advice ekipage! I also use the various online color matching charts, but only as a rough guide.
    The problem with using online color samples is that they are far from accurate: they depend on everything in the pipeline being calibrated: the camera, the software and the user's display. And describing a paint color using an RGB hex code (like say #6A0002 for Khrone Red) is a little bit ridiculous

    So I took my daughter along to the GW shop in Glendale and picked up a bottle of Wazdakka Red.
    The manager (I think his name is Shad) was very helpful and also agreed that Red Gore is deeper than the Wazdakka (he said it was more burgundy).
    Then I re-basecoated the entire model using it, and yes, it is slightly lighter and more crimson, but the AP Dragon Red is lighter still.

    Work in progress:

    Thank you BaM & Kuribo for the kind words!
    I would like to be able to (one day) make something that someone else would like to paint & display, so this is still practice in sculpting (and eventually casting).

    Some updates: the visor cutout, started detailing the back and shoulders, and repositioned the helmet:

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    That's why I threw in that caveat about comparing web pages... The suit bit is really starting to come together. I think if you get this cast up you would have a few people more than willing to get one and to paint it up. I know I would, but that scale is still a little out of my range since I haven't done any busts or heck even 54mm size figures yet...One day though I am going to get to them especially since I have purchased a few and they are just sitting there judging me and I hear them mock my painting skills too

    That stormbird looks freaking amazing! I would never know it was made from belly button lint, gum wrappers and a hair pin you found. Stupendous McGyver job here!
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    Amazing job gorb! Stormbird looks awesome! The suit is shaping up to be even more awesome!

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    The bust is looking great, I can really see your skills developing as you go along on it. Keep it up!

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    Thanks eki, yeah I have a couple of models on my shelf that are also giving me the guilt-inducing evil eye

    Thank you Arkaan! I'm pretty happy with how the suit is shaping up too. I'm in the cleanup phase now, smoothing the rough surfaces and adding some small details to get it finished.

    Thank you kindly Hairster. It is always encouraging to hear from someone I admire!

    We have overseas visitors at the moment, so I can't really get to paint up the Raptor - by the time everyone is fed and happy it is too late in the evening to break out the not-so-quiet air-compressor Let's see what next week brings.

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    Another of a sensational job gorbs . Honelty like I’ve said before and I have no problem saying it again and again. You have skill that I absolutely feel not everyone possesses . Your attn to detail is uncanny and perfect . You continue to grow as a sculptor ,modeler and painter. Not something most can do.not to mention you do them all extremely well mate. Keep em coming cause I really enjoy checking in to see the newest ,unique and most astounding work on these threads.


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    Our good buddy g0rb is the latest to add his name to ToadChapel's growing list of guest writers. I asked his to share some reflections on his passion for papermodeling. Even if you're not a cereal (box) killer, you'll definitely want to check it out!

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    Thanks for the opportunity Saint Toad! Very enjoyable, and I am honoured to join the ranks of people like BaM and Hairster

    Made some progress on Panzer Girl, slowly adding some detail and trying to figure out what I envision for the rear of the model.
    I think the top section is shaping up, but the skirt at the bottom needs something else. Let's see...
    Attached Images Attached Images    

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    Chris this is bay far the craziest and ferkin coolest thing I’ve seen from your end of the scope mate.

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    Many thanks BaM, I agree it is the definitely the craziest
    I'm trying to do some hard-surface sculpting using sculpey, and this is proving to be a proper challenge.
    And then there is the symmetry: sculpting a human face for example can be tricky, but a small amount of asymmetry is natural. On a machine, it is quite noticeable...

    I got a chance to pull out the airbrush last night, and got started on the panel modulation for the Fire Raptor.
    Again, another challenge for me

    To start, I whipped up a box out of cardboard, and gave it a base coat of darker red, followed by a gradient of brighter red.
    This looks ok, and is the effect I want for the Raptor.

    I then started working on the bird itself, using two pieces of card as makeshift masks.

    This is where I ended up last night. It is starting to come together.

    There are some areas that look wrong: the brighter color on the upper panel of the wings should not follow the panel lines but go straight across. The large vertical sides on the hull needs more coverage and better blending. The top hull panels look weird. I think I need (again) to choose a viewing+lighting direction and fill them out, instead of trying to follow the panel lines.

    Much more work to do...

    Any comments & tips will be much appreciated!

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    The bird is coming together nicely as usual for your work.

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    Your stormbird is really coming along Gorb. The red is looking good. Every time I airbrush something mechanical I always plan on making masks etc. but I seem to be too damn lazy. The Panzer Girl will look top notch all painted up.

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    Like everybody else on here I’m dying to see the Fire Raptor all painted up.

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    Thanks Krulebear, bullfrog, Saint Toad!

    > Like everybody else on here I’m dying to see the Fire Raptor all painted up.
    Patience At least, that's what I keep telling myself when I don't get a chance to break out the airbrush

    Instead I worked on panzer girl tonight, I think I have finally found the final configuration.
    I've gone to town on the lower section, shaping it (translation, cutting it to bits) into much more of a rounded shape than the boxy thing it was before.
    Also figured out what I want to do on the back of the model. Looks much better to my eye now.
    And I finally pulled out my artistic license and showed it to the reality police. You know, the one that says that my model doesn't have to be super realistic
    The helmet is now simply slid back in the open position. There is no connecting part. This reduces the clutter, and the model just looks cleaner and not so top heavy.

    So here is the configuration. There is still some blue tack (the yellow bits) holding the helmet in place temporarily until I can figure out how to mount it properly.
    And of course the visor is not in the picture.
    Todo: mount the helmet, fill all the holes I opened up, smooth everything down, add a couple of greeblies.

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    I love this thread...

    Panzer girl's suit is one impressive piece of work. The back totally matches the front now in level of detail. I love the use of the mesh to add texture. I feel like you could still add some wispy strands of hair to break up the straight edges of her hair line, and some short hairs falling down in front of her left ear. That would help the level of detail on the organic parts of the model match the mechanics of the suit without a ton of extra work.

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