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Thread: Dark Age - Alive, Dead, Limbo, etc.?

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    Ye, it's a shame. But it's not dead as long as we still play it

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    They also let another one of their really good games - Wrath of Kings - die of neglect too.

    Two games, lots of fun to play, both with fantastic looking miniatures...both all gone, like tears in rain.
    Nil nos tremefacit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatientlyTempestuous View Post
    Ye, it's a shame. But it's not dead as long as we still play it
    This is a little less true for some of us, who had many more miniatures they intended to purchase that now seem unavailable.

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    s spent a year of my life playing it and its a shame to be that it is not as active as it used to be but to me this is not dead yet as long as i see people on it ! by the way have you ever wondered about your age in different format than years ? like how many hours or days you have lived so far ? age calculator is a game that can help you with some very interesting and amusing facts about your age
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    Wow! Still no official statement...
    Well... that's a very brave move in times of cancel culture.
    In the future I will think twice to purchase something from CMON.
    That's very sad, CMON.
    Get your shit done... till that happens you just lost a loyal customer.

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