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    Red face 1 Year of painting

    Hello guys. I went in wargaming hobby in late 2013, but my painting career starts year ago. I'm focus on painting miniatures for my local game club because there is a lot of unpainted plastic was there. Me as part of studio work hard on club army, paint a lot of terrain and do some comission paint. I want to tell you all thanks for sharing your works because CMON submissions always gives me a lot of inspiration and push my ideas forward. Last year was pretty busy: 148 miniatures was painted including my miniatures, painting for friends, for gameclub and as painter on hire.

    And i want to share my latest work (that is my first submission on cmon, that i think deserve to be showed here)

    I will very happy to get some feedback from you guys. And again thanks a lot for your help. Keep sharing your results too, it can help newbie painters same as me 1 year ago.

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    Wow, it looks awesome. The time spent was definitely worth it.
    What paint did you use, btw? I've been searching for some guides for beginners on how to choose brushes and paint. I'm located in Melbourne, so I guess I'll need to look for the local stores somewhere near me.


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    Bert nice job in whatever it is that the kingdom death sculptors brain and darkest recessives of the mind came out with.

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    That is an cool paint job for one creepy figure! Wouldn't mind seeing a better image of the victim (dinner or whatever) bit though

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    @ TerryMulhern House of War in Ringwood is a great place to start. They have loads of paints, brushes, and basing materials. They even have sculpting and casting materials. They are the most oriented to painters locally. There is also the Ozpainters Group on Facebook. I am not on Facebook and have fallen out of contact but am told they do regular catch ups for local painters (I believe at the Games Lab in Little Lonsdale Street?)

    @Hss - Sorry about the thread hijack. That painting is incredibly good and I would love to see more.

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    Thanks for replies guys. Happy new year to all.

    @Terry This miniature was painted with scale75 paints. I've bought full range in august and very happy. Theese paints are pretty hard to learn because of gel medium but when you figure out how to use it you will be surpised.

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    great work! love the tones and colours you have used! thats quite a freaky looking beat!

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