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Thread: Is KIMERA models still in business

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    I placed an order with Kimera models a few months back and as yet am still waiting to receive my goods. Even allowing for Christmas it’s more than late. Ordinarily this wouldn’t bother me but it was for more than a few euros and none of my emails enquiring on the status of the order have been answered.
    So my question is this..... Is KIMERA models still business as usual? I know things happen and I’d like to think I’m more than reasonable but due to the cost of the order my patience is beginning to run out in regards to at least being contacted.

    Edit: My money was taken. I was given an order number which I screenshot but I can’t track the order as no tracking number was ever given, nor was I informed that the order had been dispatched.
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    I'd suggest hitting them on Facebook and asking about your order. AFAIK, they are still trading.
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    Yeah definitely send them an "OI, whats happening" through FB.
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    They are definitely still in business, they released a number of new figures this month. They may be harder to reach because of the holidays, but I'd try emailing them again. You could also email Pegaso ( and Kimera is run by Pegaso, so if you can't reach the person checking Kimera's email, perhaps you'll have better luck with Pegaso directly. I'd just explain in your message that you've reached out to Kimera twice (or more) and haven't received a response, so you were hoping they (Pegaso) could help.

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