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    Hi Folks

    I need help identifying a metal figure.

    Any ideas? and if so, is it still available?

    Kind regards, many thanks in advance and happy new year!

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    Sorry bud, can’t even make it out.
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    can you post up a larger photo?

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    Hi ekipage,

    I'm afraid not. This picture is a 'snip' from an e-bay auction.

    The figure looked perfect for one of my characters in our current campaign but I don't fancy paying £60 for the job lot just to get this one figure.

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    I didn't see any reaper figures that matched it, at least what I can make out. Maybe someone else will see this and know it. Sorry.

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    It looks kind of like the old Gandalf The Grey mini, to me. GW's first run, I think?

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