Tyranid - Gargoyle - first time painting in 4 years
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Thread: Tyranid - Gargoyle - first time painting in 4 years

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    Default Tyranid - Gargoyle - first time painting in 4 years

    Just getting back into Warhammer again after a long hiatus. Comments and constructive criticism please.
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    Looks good to me! Are you using an airbrush or blending by hand? Either way, good stuff! (Too bad there's so little activity on this board!)

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    Mostly airbrush, I wish I could blend that good by hand lol. Is this forum dead?

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    Great looking Gargoyle! I really dig the wings and Carapace. The shading looks awesome. I would suggested building up to a lighter highlight on some of the model...especially the face. The additional contrast would really help to make the piece look more "3D".

    Certain parts of the forum are very much alive . I would suggest moving this to Work in Progress and Project logs. Lots of great painters over there that can give much better advice than a lurker like me.

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    Thanks yeah I think when I do my whole batch of the remaining 19 I'll do a more dry brush layers. First ones a tester, now I'll paint the rest in an assembly line.

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    yeah, definitely start a thread in the WIP section as it is pretty active there. Nice work on the Gargoyle!

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