Ebay URL linking problem.
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Thread: Ebay URL linking problem.

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    Default Ebay URL linking problem.

    Ive got some of my miniatures listed on ebay and thought id make use of the featured auction on here.

    My items are auction with an end date and i bought the credits.

    The problem im having is linking the URL to the page. I may be just being thick but i cant seem to work out how to link the item.

    I just keep getting the same message.

    Only listings in the Auction format with an end date are supported.No credits were deducted due to connection failure.

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    I’ve looked and you seem to be putting the full URL in instead of the auction ID number.
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    Thanks, it took me a while to find the auction number but i think its now working.

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    Don't waste your money on that. There are lots and lots of expired auctions being shown. Until that is fixed, nobody will probably see your valid auction anyway.

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