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Thread: The Best Brushes for Painting Miniatures

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    Post The Best Brushes for Painting Miniatures

    Hey everyone, I wrote this after collating over 1000 votes on brushes and I was wondering what everyone here's thoughts are?

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    Interesting list.

    I'd personally switch the Raphaell and Rosemary as I find Raph better in quality.
    And I'd pretty much drop GW and AP. Even though they are thought for minis their quality.... doesn't live up to their price/fame.

    My personal top 5 would be:

    5. absolutely noname cheap brushes (15 for 1euro) for groudwork and drybrushes
    4. Rosemary
    1-3. Raphaell , WnN7 , Brushes made by a local brushmaker (This last one was a nice find. Pricewise they are half of WnN, qualitywise same as WnN, handlingwise between Raph and WnN (bit softer than WnN, but more springy than Raph))
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Too subjective a topic to have any meaningful lists. Painting style, type of paint used and technique you're usage vary wildly.

    In my experience army painter brushes are junk. Not bad junk, but I'm never painting anything serious with them. They last for a paint job at most, when taken care of and when you don't they barely last that. I will use them for painting with enamel based washes and bin them afterwards. AP are cheap and cheerful, I recommend them to people just getting into the hobby since they work well enough and their not going to care for brushes properly either way.

    Rosemary and co I've had problems with maintaining a tip. They tend to splay over time but aren't as fragile as Army painter is. If I have one in good condition I will paint with it but I don't expect it to last the same way I do W&N brushes. Decent middle ground brushes for people needing something more then AP provide.

    Da Vinci I like, they're decent little brushes as long as you remember to never leave them in the water cup. They don't take weight on the tip well and bend heavily to the side if you leave them in the water cup for a few minutes. A phone call or getting distracted while painting and you can lose brushes this way. I have a bad habit of leaving my brushes in cups and have ruined a few of these. I could see these being someone's go to brushes if they liked synthetic over natural hair and wouldn't have any issues recommending them to high tier painters.

    W&N is obvious but also it's own kind of meme. They suit my painting style and I always have a size 1 and 2 in service but I don't think they're the go to best brush ever as they're often claimed. Many painters go straight from GW or craft store brushes to W&N and never explore other options. They then tell everyone to do the same and we end up in a circle jerk of inexperience creating more inexperienced people, lacking the experience to recommend brushes. Very good brushes, absolutely the best for a lot of people, just over hyped and a bottle neck at worst.

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    I've always used DaVinci because they're available in my area. Very good quality.

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    for detailed work i always use my Raphael 0/3 brush, good point and it has decent capacity given the small size of the brush itself

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    Used w&n series 7 for ten years then started to get disappointed with their hit and miss quality. Then by chance found the world of dental brushes. Very hard to get, expensive but supreme quality. All I use now.

    The stain brush is equal to size 0 then the next size jumps to size 2 but with a truly needle point.
    Sadly no size 1 produced as of yet.
    ive used them now for 4 months, still razor sharp. I use just warm soapy water to clean .

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    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    First post. I use W&N. I find their brushes do what I need them to do and are good quality for the price.

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    Raphael 8404s firstly as a workhorse for me as they are the right combination of quality and price. W&Ns I find “were” great brushes but not so much anymore. For the finest and most detailed work I will use Artis Opus Series S. I haven’t yet received my Series M miniature brushes. Like the W&N miniature brushes I’m hoping the shorter hairs provide better control where needed.

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    I have a Nicpro miniature detail paintbrush set. These brushes have a nice weight to them, and the ergonomic handles are made for a comfortable painting session. The plastic case and soft drawstring bag are a nice touch.

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    Holy necro Batman!

    But since it's up might as well respond.
    W&N 7, raphael 8404 are my go to brushes. I'm also a fan of Army Painter brushes...for stuff like inks and glue

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