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Thread: Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

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    Those beer babes are usually used for Blood Bowl. In the past (3rd Edition of Blood Bowl, in Warhammer a well) chaos dwarves used to have silly hats (cylinders) that where almost as big as the dwarf himself. It looked really stupid, but I guess People got used to it. I asked the same question on FB in a Blood-Bowl group. Most people seem to prefer the hat, even though it looks better without.

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    I was thinking about making a team of two.
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    And/or a hobgoblin?
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    My vote is for the dwarves. But then again, maybe a change up in character features might release a surge of even more awesomeness?

    Based on your style, I think it would be interesting to see what you could do with an armored unicorn/war horse mounted femme fatal. If you applied your same exaggerated musculature to the steed, it might create an interesting piece. Bumping up in scale would give some opportunity for greater detail too. Just a thought, as I think you do some really great work!

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    That sounds good and I am glad that you like my sculpts. Doing a mounted femme fatal would be quite a challenge for me. I never sculpted a horse before. I don't really have a clue about a horses musculature. Still learning how to sculpt females (but I am getting better). One Problem I have is: I tend to get bored when it takes too long to get a project finished. It might end up on the heap of unfinshed projects. Plus: The finished green has to fit into a 20mm mould to produce it in metal. And I have no idea if people will buy it.

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    Oh, I thought Beebs wanted you to make a Uni-Wyver-Hors-Dragon creature with a dwarf on it! That would be so cool!
    Not a huge fan of the giant hats, but you will be able to do a good job with them (like the hair you make too much to cover them with those silly hats though). But I understand if you are trying to sell them you have to make what the people want.

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    Fine, if it can't be a drago-pega-hippogr-unicor-wyver-tryanosaures rex, I guess a big cat will do ... Seriously though, great drawing and concept

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    Hooooooly bountiful thunderous thighs of glory!!!!! excellent work in the area of sculpting mate!!!! You rock chaosspawn!!!
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    Thanks mate . Yesterday I sculpted her face. I tried to give her some small tusks, but it just wouldn't look good. In the end I gave her a beautiful smile. Not sure what to do now. Additional tusks and risk ruining her beautiful face? Add little horns to make her look more chaotic? Leave her face as it is?
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    Beat face ever- too risky if I can add my two cents- I personally know you could do the risks etc- but why risk such an exsquisite piece buddy. Ide say if you want some horns , cool. No horns that fine too. Start the hair and leave that expert face alone if I was gonna do something and I had your level of skills Ide try to replicate the dwarfs layers in warhammer AOS . A MOHAWK 4-5 spikes like a ramp where the middle spike is the tallest and then decrease in size. Etc etc. that’s just what I feel- again as for that beutuful mug - Ide leave that- it’s axtually perfect. You can’t get perfect but that sure is.

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    Sorry, I tried. Tusks just didn't look good. Sculpted her face for hours today. In the end I removed the tusks again. Now her face looks like this (which is ok, I think)
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    damn fine job! This new one is looking is looking like a little dwarven hottie temptress! Really great job on the hair and clothes (what little she has on)

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    Thanks eki. Here is an update. Now she has a silly hat (and some more hair)
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    Looking good, man. Comparing your previous sculpts to this new one, there’s been a lot of progress! Keep it going!

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    Gah, the chaos dwarf hat and ring hair Seriously though it does look really really good. I would honestly have preferred to have seen her without the hat and curly hair (I think you did a magnificent job on it just prior to that step and didn't need to go the full chaos route) but can understand why you did it. You have some top notch sculpting skills my friend!

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