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Thread: Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

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    Soooooo.....what is the quick and easy way to paint a dungeon floor? Come on, give give give

    Minotauress looks great. Dwarf looks like she is shaping up (no pun intended) nicely as well

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    Really fascinating to see the sculpt evolve!

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    Like Eki said, Dwarf lady is shaping up pretty nice! I'm quite afraid of her kicking abilities with those thighs

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    Minotaur lady is added to my gallery. Please vote:
    I knew someone would ask

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    How to paint the base:
    1. Paint base using dark sea grey
    2. Black wash
    3. Dry brush using wolf grey with a really big brush. (Looks like 1million brush strokes)
    4. Use this great Slimy Grime Light effect paint to give it a slight green touch.
    If you use a hair dryer to make the paint dry more quickly between the steps you are even faster.
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    Minotaur lady looks amazing man, love the skintones! And the beer!

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    Thanks for your feedback, guys.
    I finished sculpting the dwarf lady today. Maybe my best sculpt so far.
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    Exceptional work here, nicely done Chaos! Only thing I could really nitpick is the ax handles are a little large, but I really like the axes so that is easily overlooked.

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    Thinking about different hair styles for the next female dwarves. Which one is better?
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    Weeeeeeee second! She looks super cute, especially with that kinda sad/tired face expression. KAWAIIIIIII xD

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    I love se second one more too, but the sad expression is not that suitable for a fighter, more for another bar maid. She is too cute.

    I love the way it looks if one of her eyes is covered by hair. Maybe if I combine it with a more aggressive expression?
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    I like the second one better, but since you said fighter it doesn't seem to fit as well (do you really want hair getting in your eyes when trying to battle?) So I would have to say the 1st one

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    Maybe I should make one more fighter with haircut#1 and another bar maid with haircut #2. What do you think?

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    I think hells yessssss

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    Oh hells bells- soon your store will have 100ds of awesome Lil men and woman!!!

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