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    TBH a real fighter should not get so unbalanced.
    You should make the work in front of you, in your center line, or you will be dead in no time.

    Maybe you could try to move her right arm a bit away from the body, like this?

    Name:  PE_20190404_114512.jpg
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    So she can easily start an uppercut with both weapons.

    And add some counterweight to the end of the axe shaft, making the weapons more balanced, too.

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    I agree with Lone Lemming, giving that right arm a bit of a dynamic curve would look more natural, as if she is still in motion.
    The left arm, the way you drew it raised to the back, looks good.

    Love the hair, BTW. This is going to be awesome!

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    Thanks guys. I find it hard to position the arms for someone who is fighting with two weapons. Here is another sketch. Trying to make it more dynamic. Lifted her right arm a bit and made the blade point more forward. At the same time positioned the legs as if she is just about to do a sidestep. What do you think?
    Name:  PE_20190405_115941.jpg
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    Arms and weapons are much better.

    But anatomy and physics are bitch, especially mixed with martial arts.

    Try to stand in her pose, even better is to grab to sticks. Goal is
    - find some movement which ends in this pose (my idea is stepping forward with right leg, swinging the axes in neck level and in groin level from right to left)
    - try to hit someone with upper swings by stepping forward.

    Rule used to be in our dojo that you step with your weapon, first hand swings with first leg stepping, hind arm swings with hind leg stepping.
    If her right arm is forward, right leg is back, she is unbalanced and cannot start a focused attack. And a real fighter never has an unbalanced stance, only in the last moment of her life

    My advice is to switch stance, right leg in front, slightly bent, lowering the center of mass, her weight should be mostly on it, left leg is stretched behind.
    When she steps forward, she can cut up with the first axe, swiping away the weapon of the opponent, this will be a weaker hit anyway, and the second axe can execute the enemy, especially when she puts all her momentum into the attack.

    Switching stance will have an additional benefit, I will not feel that she cut her leg down.

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    By the way, I started with this . My armatures are as simple as can be.
    Name:  IMG_20190405_194543.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20190406_202957.jpg
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    Improved her face, added ears, worked on hair and on her feet.
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    Cured her. Added wires for arms and hair. I think I found a good pose for her arms.
    Name:  IMG_20190407_091237.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20190407_091319.jpg
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    Great work on this figure! Question though, why do you always end with a pic of her "mooning" us?

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    Great to watch these in progress....definite Kingdom Death voluptuousness mixed with Henry Moore sculptural proportions vibe.

    Cool stuff

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    Thanks Hairster, that is a great compliment. I love the Kingdom Death minis, they are very inspiring. And the sculptures of Henry Moore have a smooth, unique style.

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    Painted the base for my Minotaur Tavern Wench. I found a quick and easy way to paint the dungeon floor base.
    Name:  IMG_20190419_140826.jpg
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    It looks fantastic, awesome sculpt with awesome paintjob

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    Thanks Arkaan.

    Some progress on the Female Dwarf Berserker.
    Name:  IMG_20190419_192154.jpg
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    She looks great painted and on the base.

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