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Thread: Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

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    Yeah, I think it is a really good paint job as well as sculpt!

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    Thank you. I always try to improve and do my best. I think I am getting better in painting and sculpting.

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    I enjoy this one so much!!!

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    Definitely my favorite of yours. Your simple paint job is very appropriate and gives it a comic vibe.

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    My simple paint job is about as good as I can get. Seriously, I tried to make it very contrastful, especially the blue. I'm glad you like it.

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    Painting my female Necromancer. The skin tone is harder than I thought.
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    Looking mighty fine. The warm/cold contrast is working nicely.

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    Outrageous- your nailing iT to its target!!!

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    I call her finished now. Very happy with the result.
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    Looks really good, I really like that red dress against the pale skin

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    Thanks eki. It took me a while to choose a colour for the dress. I think red was the right decision.

    She is added to my gallery, please vote!

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    More beautiful big uns!!!

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    Amazing sketch! Some suggestions if you sculpt it though, maybe the ankles a little thicker as they seem to be a tad thin in the drawing.

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    Another sketch I did today. I think this one is better.
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    I am thinking about sculpting a female vampire for Blood Bowl,maybe even a complete team.
    I think vampires should have crazy hair
    What do you think?
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    good job on the necromancer. the flesh tone looks spot on to me. liking the sketches to. the blood bowl vampire especially
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    Thanks Coyote, I am planning to make a complete vampire Blood Bowl team. Here is another sketch. I will start sculpting next week.
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