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Thread: Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

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    Ah, dang it! You got back to update this before I could reply... I wanted to say "really you are trying to make us believe a bent paperclip is a dwarf?"
    Seriously though, great start on your next dwarven lady. I am amazed at how quickly you can get these done while looking so good!

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    It's not that quick. It took more than 8 hours to get there.
    Sculpted her face and started her hair.
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    This new one is looking exquisite. Waiting impatiently to see the finished piece.
    (oh, and 8 hours is fast to me, I might get a figure cleaned and primed in about that amount of time if I am working really fast)

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    Che bella piccolo femine !!!!

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    CS what beutiful musclulature you achieve on all your current models ,dude your skills have blossomed greatly.

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    BAM thank you, it is ot only about musculature, it is also about the fat and the smooth round forms of a female body. And I learn with every sculpt I make.

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    Amazing sculpt mate! I love the little details, the scrollwork on the axe, the little clasps on her clothing.

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    Thanks gorb.
    I am thinking about what to do next. Maybe another one, but with doublehanded weapon in a very dynamic pose? Or something completely different?
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    Maybe I make a chaos dwarf tavern wench next. Those beer babes always sell quite well.
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    With or without hat?

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    I am leaning towards without hat, but do you have a front view of what the hat would look like (I thought it was a large beer mug on her head before I read your post ) Maybe add some wings to her or a coiled barbed whip

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    I second eki, do one without the hat.
    But that's just because I dig the way you do hair, I haven't seen many of your hats yet

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