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Thread: Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

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    You have stamped your models with that chaosspawn style!!!

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    I certainly have my own style. Overworked her face. I think I never did a face this detailed and beautiful.
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    really nice work. yes her face looks excellent. nice work
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    Thanks guys .
    She is finished. I think her legs are a bit short. Is it obvious?
    I always try to make the perfect mini, but in the end I always See some mistakes I made.
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    Nothing looks disproportionate to me buddy/ to me it just looks like one of your marvel of a sculpt.

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    Thanks a lot guys. Haven't posted anything for a while. BTW. I sculpted a Vampire ☺. This time a male one.
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    Love the vampire hes super awesome, voted

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    Vampire guy is looking really good! Nice start on Elvira.

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    I look forward everytime that you x îlot. Then I look even more forward when you paint your sculpts .

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    So cool, is that a cork you have her standing on?

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    Sorry guys for being absent such a long time. In appreciate all your comments. Yes, thats a cork. In the meantime In have finished painting Elvira and yesterday In started sculpting once more. A dwarf lady again. How do you like her so far?
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    Elvira is looking good, only thing I might say is she needs some contrast on the skin. He legs could use some shadow and highlights

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