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Thread: Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

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    Nice work there Chaos! She looks really good.

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    Thanks. I started painting the Beastgirl. Giving her a dark skintone.
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    Yeah, great start! I like the contrasting colors you chose for her.

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    Thanks guys. I decided to make her skin darker and her hair brighter. The first time I paint dark skin like that.
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    Planning my next sculpts. A female ogre kicker and a snotling with a pillow under his butt
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    Love the concept mate
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thanks ten .
    I hope I can manage to sculpt it as good as it looks in the concept.

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    The darker skin came out looking great!
    That new sketch also looks good, looking forward to what you do with it!

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    I like the one with the two fists up as well. I think the other pose a little more though except, maybe just bend her left arm a little as it looks like an action pose (or she is just about to spring into action) and the straight arm kind of throws off the balance of it to me.

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    Thanks for the input, mates. Even though I put more time and effort in the more dynamic one I also like the one with her fists up better. A simple, but convincing pose.

    I continued painting the beastgirl.
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    Voted! Love the color choices you made. The orange and deep grey blue work together very well against the dark brown of her skin.

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    that's great, because I have no idea about colours. That's probably why I became a sculptor. I just choose the colours this way:
    -What colour might look realistic
    -hat colour do I have in my Palette that I haven't used on this mini yet.
    Since I gave her dark skin I needed to make gloves and belt a bit brighter and so I used leather brown (should look like leather)
    Since I used leather brown before I had to choose something different for her Cloth that would look like leather, but different from her skintone, horns and gloves so there was not much choice left

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