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    I didn't like her hair. So now she has a helmet.
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    Already voted and my statement stands, you’ve progressed a massive amount since I was last here

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    Thanks Darthmarsh, I always try to get better. My sculpting received a boost when I had a close look at some Frazetta paintings and I tried to figure out why the girls in his paintings always look so sexy. Then I tried to use it for my sculpts. Basically you have to sculpt every single muscle, but make it smooth and try to make it look as if the body is in motion to get the dynamic look. Plus the body should look realistic. The proportions have to make sense. And the girls need to be curvy

    It is always a good advice to look at the masters and try to figure out how they have done it.

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    I think I call her finished now. How do you like her?
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    Simply outstanding work on creating these. I have to admit though, that at first glance I thought you made a cheerleader figure holding pom poms because of the way her arms are positioned and that poof of hair in the front.

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    Sculpting a female steamroller/irongolem ie
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    As I always say - you rule chaos !!! Your works is impressive.

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    Thanks a lot. Here is an update. Flames coming out of her head.
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    Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out, those flames are already looking great. Please tell me you're keeping the bullets...

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    I think I call her finished now. I have a pinched nerve. My fingers feel numb, my hand starts shaking and I have a pain in my elbow.
    I need a break from sculpting.
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    Your sculpting never fails to amaze me! Love the steamroller/golem hybrid!

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    Thanks ekipage. It was a new experience to sculpt something this large.
    It is 92mm high in total. Although it is easier to work on the details it is also challenging.

    I couldn't sculpt the same way as usual, bekause I had to add details that I normally don't bother about.
    Her lips and eyes where more challenging than I expected.

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    Delightfully weird. The flame hair is nice.

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    Putting some paint on a mini. Even though I had a long break from painting it seems my painting skills are getting better. Name:  1618148606802.jpg
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