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Thread: Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

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    I continued sculpting the beastgirl. Is it too much hair? Should I cover her boobs in armour?
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    Great sculpt! I dig the hair. The bare boobs don't look out of place, they fit with the look of the figurine.
    So if your customers don't mind then I say leave them as-is.
    The hooves are awesome, especially the tufts of fur on them.

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    Only thing I might suggest is maybe make the hair a little longer in the back, maybe down to the waist. Other than that this looks like a might fine figure!

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    Thanks for the feedback. On Facebook, in the Blood Bowl Community group, people started a discussion about why she is almost naked and that minis should not look sexy at all etc. Some people ranted, others defeated me. The post finally got deleted by an admin. They told me not to post any pictures of semi-nude minis, otherwise it would be deleted right away.

    I was a bit confused. I didn't expect such a reaction.

    In the 'Eavier Metal group no one had a problem with the mini. Everyone seemed to like it.

    So it seems that artists in general are not so afraid of boobs

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    I can understand that. Some people are very sensitive to nudity (even on a tiny little chaos dwarf lol), which is why I asked about your customers.
    You could always have a bare risque version and a covered-up alterative version.
    I think that's what Hasslefree miniatures do with theirs.
    Of course, it is up to you, good luck. I think she looks great as-is.

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    Yeah, I have seen people get really nasty over that topic as well. If you will make money off of both casts maybe make a clothed and semi-naked version, but if only the clothed one is going to sell to your customers, then I would just go with that one as the goal would be to make money and not just spend yours to make stuff you like/prefer. I personally don't see the issue with it, but if someone is playing with their children or just younger players I guess I can understand why they wouldn't want the figure topless.

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    First off ide but the nude!!! Ide see beast like woman in my imagination wearing nothing like satyrs and gains as opposed to wearing fitted skirts etc. I think what recently happened was “brother Vinny” yeah the amazing artist who likes nudity in his models . I think recently dragonsreach had to explain that a constant flow of that kinda thing started to upset certain viewers. He does have a way of sculpting beutiful , yet very physically condescending type of minis. So I’m sure this is stemming from that which I can understand the moderators curbing it. Honestly bud I think your just getting the tail of what vinny has stirred up.:-(

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    @Bam, wasn't on here that people were complaining, I think it was just in his Facebook postings. Anyway, I think that as there are more artists or at least more looking at the figures artistically, here there will be less complaints about it (barring the two fish people Vinny had copulating).

    @Chaos Spawn: But yeah, I am with BAM in that I would buy a copy of the one you have currently working

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    Glad that you like it. I will not cover her boobs. People that complain about semi-nude minis wouldn't buy my minis anyway .
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    Ahhhhh ,I see- I would hope were all adults- barechested is where it’s at.
    Last edited by BloodASmedium; 10-16-2019 at 07:52 AM.

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    Nice mini, keep the boobz, pleaze. And for more prude customers, you can create a clothed version with a shotgun

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    Pictures of the finished mini.
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    What were you working with for this one? Fimo/polymer clay of some sort? (maybe you mentioned it in an earlier post that i missed) - you are definitely improving with every sculpt as such a small scale...very impressive.

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    Thank you for the feedback.
    I was using Fimo. This time the Standard Fimo, not the Fimo-professional firm type. The Standard Fimo is softer. Once in a while I try something new.
    When sculpting this mini I was inspired by the artworks of Frank Frazetta. I was wondering if I could create something as sexy as the girls in his paintings.
    Never before I sculpted such detailed muscles. I am very pleased with the way her body turned out.

    I also have the Feeling, that I improve with every sculpt, but when I look at some older sculpts I made I am sometimes surprised what great work I did then and I wonder how I achieved it.

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    Great job on this sculpt Chaos!

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    Yeah, this one looks really great! Lots of details and definitions for that small scale.

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    Thanks a lot. I learned a lot just by looking at artworks from Frank Frazetta. The girls in his art have the right combination of muscles and fat in the right places to make them look natural, but sexy as hell. Plus I started doing bodybuilding and now I can look it up in the mirror, if I want to see how certain muscles look
    The soft Fimo works fine.

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    And now for something completely different (not really)
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