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Thread: Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

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    Not sure if she will become a halfling or a gobbo. What do you think?
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    Nice start on this figure. Maybe a little thicker than normal for a goblin (at least in the thighs) but still looks really good!

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    When I started sculpting her I didn't kmow if she will become a goblin or a halfling.
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    She looks really great! Details are awesome!

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    Thanks a lot. Always struggling when I am sculpting hands and arms. Often I decide to go the easy way and add gloves. I think that is a great talent of mine. Hiding the problem-zones and pretend it's supposed to be this way. Like I covered the fact, that her shoulder was too high by adding a shoulder pad. In the end I manage to make it look good, but on the way I struggle a lot.

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    Good work she is looking good. The shoulder pad looks like it was always meant to be there so well recovered
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    Yeah, that is what drawing and sculpting have in common for me: hands and feet are hard to do. Luckily feet are mostly covered with shoes
    This goblin girl looks amazing, as usual. The way you shape the knees and thigh muscles look great.

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    Thanks gorb,
    knees and thigh muscles are also harder to do than some people might think. Still learning and putting a lot of work in such details.

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    Maybe next project: Female necromancer.
    I made a quick sketch while I was at work.

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    nice one. finished piece is great. well done. I like concept drawing of your next one to.
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    Thank you. Even though I am not completely happy with her I call her finished now. Finished, not perfect.

    I added her to my gallery:

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    Really cool little figure you sculpted up there Chaos! And that Necromancer drawing looks amazing, can't wait to see you bring this one about!

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    That finished sculpt looks great! Digging the knuckle dusters and the bound feet. Is she a brawler?

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    Thanks guys, yeah, she is some kind of brawler. She is supposed to be a Blood Bowl player so I guess brawler suits well. I made couple of female Blood Bowl orcs in the past and they sell quite well. So I thought a small goblin would be a nice addition to the team.

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    Another sketch. I tried do draw a female troll, but I think she is not "trollish" enough .
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