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Thread: Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

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    Elvira is looking lovely!
    I like the dwarf lady, you have a very cool way of suggesting detail in your sculpts, seemingly effortlessly. I love it.

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    I always struggle with painting skin. I never Seem to achieve both: smooth blendings and contrastful shadows+highlights. So there comes the point where I am afraid to ruin the mini by adding more highlights.
    I am quite fast at sculpting because I have a favourite tool that I use on 95% of the mini. If you use one tool so much you become very used to it and it becomes a part of yourself. Only if I have to do forms that I cannot achieve with this tool I take something else. This tool has two different ends and both ends are my favourites, so I simply flip the tool all the time, using one end or the other and never waste time looking for another tool. I have trained myself so much with this tool that I became very quick.
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    I really love seeing your work, and this lady is no exception. Always very vibrant with a unique style.

    What is your favorite sculpting tool if I may ask?

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    Thanks for the insight! I have my own favourite tool, that I made myself by hammering a nail and shaping it with a file and sandpaper.
    But it is always enlightening to look over someone's shoulder, so to speak, and see what tools they use, so I would love to see it.

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    Here is an update. Made her arm. I will need to cure her before I continue.
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    Excellent work on this one chaos

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    Thanks for sharing the tool! This sculpt looks like it is going to kick some butt.

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    Another female dwarf, Early WIP. Very dynamic pose.
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    Great work on sculpting that last dwarf figure and looking forward to the marvelous work you do in the sculpting of this new one!

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    Thanks Eki,
    this time I am trying to achieve A realistic running pose.

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    Extraordinary work in the blood bowler line. I’m enjoying them come to miniature life!!!!

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    Thanks BAM. I will continue sculpting today. I hope I don't ruin it when adding her arms

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    Love this one, the pose is really dynamic.
    Do you plan to sculpt an entire bloodbowl team?

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    Yes I am. It is so fun sculpting those little ladies. I hope I don't get bored so I can finish the team.

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