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    Halfling/Gnomes: I have a halfling bar maid and a female Gnome in my shop. apart from that I am not planning to do more halflings or gnomes a the moment, but that doesn't mean much. Right now I have the Feeling that I should do a chaos Troll next. With a horned skull-head like in my sketch above.

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    Added hair and cured her. Of course her hair needs some structure, but I had to cure her first.
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    Thanks for the info. Excited to try some of these out, forgot about magic sculpt. Hadn’t thought about transparency, that’s a very good point. I struggle with my painting for that same reason being colorblind. I’ll get models to a certain point and then all of a sudden i lose my ability to pick out the details and colors. I’ve been browsing your shop and your models are great. You have a very good knack for poses. Don’t know how you do it as it seems very subtle, but you manage to capture a great degree of elegance that I don’t normally see on models.

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    I have found out that it is very important to make the mini look like it is actually doing something. Right in motion. And if the pose is static it helps a lot to show how wind makes the hair move. It makes it easy to imagine the mini is a person standing on a hilltop. You can almost hear and feel the wind. I try to make the bar maids look like they actually interact with someone. If you look at her smiling face you get the feeling that she is actually smiling at you. Generally I try to give every face an expression.

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    I’m really excited to start taking on projects like this one. At the same time, I find faces really daunting. They will definitely be my problem area. Yeah that makes sense about making sure they are doing something. I feel like I have a decent handle on the kinesiology side of things, but not so much on structure and form. Really nice and subtle on the work though, love it.

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    Update. Hair is finished now. Necklace added to hide cracks in her neck.
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    Côme over here you bubbly little vixen you (runs after the figure with a brush in each hand!!!)

    lololol magnific!!!

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    This is looking awesome chaos spawn! Again, love the facial features you have there, very nice.

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    Thanks, guys. I always have trouble making arms. I come to this point and then the problems begin. Yesterday I sculpted for a couple of hours, and it just looked terrible. I will try again today.

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    ...And he says he has trouble making arms. Geez

    This looks great!

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    I have. You can't imagine how long it took to make that arm.
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    Wow the details on the belt and the necklace already look really great.
    For my taste the thighs are a bit too big. But I can imagine how hard it is to hit the right proportions ... -> failed miserably at that when I tryed to "draw". It really takes tonns of practice and a lot of knowledge :/
    On the other hand, everyone can tell that something looks strange when proportions are off, even if they can't really tell what it is -.- frustrating xD

    But you are on a good track. As I said, the details already look super great.

    Would not even get remotly close to this level myself ... I even suck at filling gaps with putty -.- ^^

    PS: The left arm does really look very good. Every hour paid off The right arm look promising so far as well. Thickness and length of the "segments" look right to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CyAniDe View Post
    For my taste the thighs are a bit too big. But I can imagine how hard it is to hit the right proportions ...
    Not to be pedantic but: looking at the previous work that Chaos Spawn posted here, and the stuff he has on his website, this looks like his style.

    Getting proportions "right" at this scale is not really possible - heads would be too small (can't paint them properly), and fingers would be too thin to be practical (they'd just break off).
    Consistency is much more valuable, so if you make (and sell) 5 different minis, but they all have the same style, that is perfectly fine no matter if some proportions are "wrong".

    Just my 2c

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    Yes, big thigs is my style. Proportion is ok, I think, but not perfekt. Her legs are a bit too short, but she is too tall already. She is 35mm to eye-level so I made her legs as short as possible. I have to be more careful when making the armature and have to take more care of the model height when starting the sculpt. In this case I started with her head which lead to the problen that I could not really tell her height when sculpting her body. Her head was a bit too big, so I had to adapt the rest of the mini to it so she turned out quite big in total. I am quite happy how I managed to solve these issues.

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    Added her to my gallery. Please vote
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    Starting something new. First concept, armature and start sculpting.
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    By the way: I'm trying a new sculpting medium: Fimo soft. Let's see how good that stuff is.
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