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Thread: Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

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    Update. I should have bought a different colour. It seems impossible to get good pictures from this bright green.
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    Interesting armature underneath the putty. Looks like you twist the loop, then split it to make the legs?
    How do you attach/manage the pose for the arms?

    Oh yeah, that putty is very green. Is it a polymer clay? Beesputty?

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    It's Fimo-Soft. It is available in many different colours. The armature is simply a bended wire. I start at one leg, bend it where necessary, make a loop where the head is and go down again for the second leg. I sculpt the body first without arms and cure it. Then I drill holes where the arms should be attached and add the wire for the arms. This way the arms can be removed more easy for casting. I simply cut the arm and pull out the wire again.

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    wow, nice butt, lol.
    This is my gallery

    Really thx for your votes&comments!

    And this is my WIP

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    It is almost Impossible to take pictures. The green is too bright. Added some armour.
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    It's a great looking sculpt so far!

    The green doesn't bother me too much. You could try and post-process the images to bring the saturation down a bit, your camera seems to oversaturate everything else too (the blue in the background for example).
    Maybe there is a camera setting you can play with?

    After my first 2 sculpts I realized that I use too many different clays/putties, so the model starts looking weird, so now before I take the final shots I'll usually prime it already in a medium gray, that seems to lighten the shadows
    and darken the highlights enough so you can still see all the texture (well, as much of the texture I can achieve ).

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    Great stuff Chaos! I like that green a lot. I got my Bees putty that you recommended in yesterday and can’t wait to try it out. Nice hooves!

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    I take the pictures with my mobile phone. It does a lot automatically and generally takes good pictures, but there is not much manual ajustment possible.
    I started painting the Minotaur Tavern Wench and I am struggling with the skin tone.
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    Looks great to me but i’ve never met one in person so not sure what tone is standard. That pink hair is superb though. Draws ya right in.

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    The pnk hair is a nice cotrast to the light skin. I think you are on the right track at least for pale skin.

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    It took me a while to get there. I don't really know what I'm doing. I just paint, look at the result, and if it doesn't look good I change it. I try to make smooth blending, but it seems I am still a beginner (after over 20 years of experience painting miniatures XD )

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    I got my order in from your store yesterday and it all looks great. Can’t wait to start on the barmaids and get my tavern all set up. I found a shop on etsy that sells assorted bits for towns and stuff. Pretty neat and cheap and has all sorts of benches, barrels, hedge walls and whatnot. Should be a good addition to get the “feel” of an old tavern. Seriously love your minis though! Thanks a ton!

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    Stay the course it looks great!!!

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    Maybe I find some time to paint this weekend. @W0lf thank you very much for ordering so much stuff. I'd love to See some pictures of the painted minis.
    Another idea I had today: A shieldmaiden, exhausted after a fight.
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    Shieldmaiden sketch looks great. Nice fleshtones and blending, if it's looking that smooth in the magnified image it must look cracking in the real!

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