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Thread: Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

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    I for shieldmaiden.

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    @Chaos I’m still garbage with flesh and want to practice some more before i tackle them. Very nice job on the painting. Looks fantastic! Going to have to agree as well with voting on the shieldmaiden. Totally biased because I don’t play blood bowl though. Either way, I’m sure they would both turn oit great.

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    She is almost finished now. Only base needs to be done.
    Name:  IMG_20190310_174817.jpg
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    From the perspective of a noob, it's really cool that you posted your progress through this piece. I have gained more appreciation for the sculpting of our minis, just through seeing your work, and thinking about the scale at which these little guys are crafted. Excellent job! Keep it coming!

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    Waaay to go !!!

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    Thanks for the feedback, guys . If I look at the painting skills of some people here it always makes me feel like a noob. I never really learned how to do wet blending. However I somehow manage to get acceptable results (although a huge step away of what other artist produce here). It seems sculpting is my thing. Always trying to make the next mini better than the last.

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    So you would like me to make the shieldmaiden next.
    I have to dissapoint you. I have a customer that wants to have a unit of female dwarf berserkers, so I will do that next (naked female dwarves )
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    According to the Peter Jackson LoTR movie, there's not a lot of difference between male and female dwarves, so standard bezerkers plus two lumps of green stuff each should meet requirements! Make's sense to me but I don't have to worry about permanently losing a customer. Maybe not then eh?

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    Hey, as long as you are posting your progress, I'm just happy to see what you do!

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    Happy to see, that people appreciate my work
    Here is another scetch.
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    Another sketch. This time with a little bit armour and covered boobs. While the pose is a little bit more static it still looks good in my opinion. What do you think?
    Name:  PE_20190319_083922.jpg
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    Overall some really great work here! I kind of think her upper legs seem a bit too thick, but hey I would be lucky if I could get a round ball of (pick your sculpting medium) in a day and a half of work

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    Thanks, yeah she might look a bit overweight, but she is a dwarf and dwarves tend to be bulky

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