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    Cool Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

    Instead of resurrecting my old WIP thread I just started a new one. I haven't been here for a couple of years. In this thread I will show my projects, mostly sculpts, so you can help me improve my skills (or to simply show off

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    Here is what I'm working on at the moment. A minotaur tavern wench . Don't panic, she is not going to stay naked, I guess I just got carried away while sculpting today .
    Name:  IMG_20190105_180226.jpg
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Size:  1.01 MB

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    welcome back. i too have been absent for a while. I should really get back to posting stuff other than on FB and instagram...
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

    Instagram: almost_zab
    DeviantArt Handle: AlmostZab
    Art Amino Handle: Almost Perftec Painting
    P&P: Neil Szabo

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    Thank you for the warm welcome :-). It feels good to be back.

    I made her curves a bit softer, her boobs a bit smaller.
    Name:  IMG_20190106_005306.jpg
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Size:  1.01 MB

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    Looking really darn good so far!

    Dang, can't wait to see more.
    BLAH BLAH...blah.

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    Here ist some more :-). I gave her a face today.
    Name:  IMG_20190106_122132.jpg
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Size:  1.01 MB

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    I love this... body shape is on point, really curvy and nice...

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    Looking SUPER good as she takes shape <3
    BLAH BLAH...blah.

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    Thank you. Here is an update. Making slow progress.
    Name:  IMG_20190115_224259.jpg
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Size:  1.02 MB

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