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Thread: Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

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    I don't care for that right arm at the moment, it is way to thin compared to the other one... Seriously though, great sculpt you have going on.

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    Looking great, I think she could use a tail though.

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    Yes, I was thinking about that too, but I will leave it. I want to finish her today to get her casted as soon as possible.

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    Made some last small improvements. Correction of the beer glass in her left hand and the angle of the tray.
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    Maybe my next sculpt will be a human tavern wench. Made a quick scetch today.
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    Looks great! I love the pose, and as I said before the face is very well done. Nice!

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    Thank you. I am trying to find a good pose, so I started making a couple of scetches while being bored at work. I make these scetches very small, so there is not much detail possible, but it is only for getting a rough idea how the mini could look like. In the end I am going to have new ideas while sculpting, so I never really stick to the original plan. Most of my minis I start scupting without any concept on paper, just with an idea inside my head.

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    Or maybe I sculpt a beastgirl next? Too many ideas and too little time to make them all :-).
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    Started sculpting today. This time I started with the head. Using Bees Putty again. While Fimo is good Bees Putty is a bit softer and I think therefore better for tiny details.
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    Great expression! She's even got earrings, wow! Watching the process is fascinating!

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    As you might like to see how I work step by step here is how I proceed. I am quite pleased how her body develops, but at this point I have no idea how her arms should be positioned. Inspiration will come while I continue sculpting ( I hope). Also not sure about her clothes yet. Long dress would look more medieval, but would cover her beautiful legs.
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    You guys are hard to impress
    Worked on her legs, butt and boobs today.
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    Always have trouble keeping the scale. Made her a bit shorter. And I also gave her tits a more natural look.
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