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Thread: Chaos Spawns sculpts WIP

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    Very impressive and creative work you've done.

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    The face is again outstanding, I would love to be able to sculpt like this!

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    Had to resculpt her foot and did some other corrections.
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    Thank you
    It's a bit like painting. You need a lot of practice and do not stop until it looks almost perfect. Seriously, often I sculpt, take a picture of the mini, take a close look, decide to change a few things and so on. Often a thing of try and error.

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    Is it possible to be physically in love with chaos spawns miniature woman -especially the buxom ones with no arms and cute smiles?

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    That always happens to me. Always falling in love to my minis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Is it possible to be physically in love with chaos spawns miniature woman -especially the buxom ones with no arms and cute smiles?
    Its probably the fact she has no arms that gets you excited BAM, she wouldn’t be able to fight off your brush turning her into a disgusting nurgle queen haha

    Jokes aside, this is an exceptional sculpt @chaos spawn... I absolutely love it!!! If you decided to make copies (cast it) I’ll be your first customer... I friggn love the look of this mini

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    I will make copies, don't worry. Once she is finished you can throw money at me.

    She is a bit out of scale. She is 35mm to eye Level, so a bit taller than she shold be. Is that a problem?
    Should I even put a small keg under her left arm to show how strong she is (maybe a half-ogre) or is she just a human?

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    Cool cool, well let me know when your keen to offload one
    keep her human, heaps better that way and being slightly out of scale doesn’t really matter (I know it probably will for some) but a lot of people are sculpting minis in 35mm scale these days. From a painting perspective I prefer this scale.

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    Thinking about the next project. Maybe this time a female beastgirl Blood Bowl player? The scetch is in scale, 30mm from feet to eyes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Is it possible to be physically in love with chaos spawns miniature woman -especially the buxom ones with no arms and cute smiles?
    Uhm....ewww! eww! eww! eww!

    Great sculpting there Chaos!

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    Holy shit dude! That’s fantastic! Don’t have a damn clue how you were wble to get that belt so perfect. Really awesome stuff! You will soon be tired of me pestering you for tips and tricks lol

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    I hadn’t heard of Bees putty either, looking into it now. I don’t like the settled and melted look that i get from greenstuff as it cures. I haven’t experimented with the mixtures though and it’s probably a ratio issue, but i haven’t done enoigh research or experimentation yet.

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    Live this stuff!!! Oh what’s to come out of chaos spawns twisted mind !!!exceptional stuff.

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    Just discovered his store! Really awesome models in there.

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    I have tried a lot of different puttys and Green Stuff is the worst of all. It has a sort of "memory effect" which means it tends to go back to it's original form while it cures. Sculpting sharp edges is impossible. Bees Putty cures in the oven. So I can interrupt sculpting whenever I want and continue on the next day. It doesn't stick to your tools and you can form very precise edges. In my opinion the best sculpting medium you can use. There are a couple of other good sculpting mediums, for example Fimo is great and very cheap.
    How to sculpt a belt like that? A steady hand, a sharp tool some time and a bit of experience. There is no magic involved
    What comes out of my strange mind: Idaes keep popping up.
    As soon as I have a pencil and a piece of paper the pencil starts to move and creates something. It just happens all the time. I wish I could make a sculpt of every good scetch I draw. Here is another one that accidently appeared today. When I start drawing these I often don't even know what it will become. I start drawing lines and suddenly there is a little piece of art.
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    Another spontanios art attack I had a couple of days ago:
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    That just made my day. I was in love with green stuff but like you said, i was having a hell of a time doing any square edges which left me with very little to work with in my imagination. Have some great armor and weapon ideas, but couldn’t find a way to make them with GS. Just ordered Bees putty and was stoked to see they offer varying degrees of firmness. I was hoping to find a hard putty that would hold shape better for cuts and trimming. I’d heard of fimo but have yet to try it. I ordered some milliput and sculpey about a week ago and have been waiting to try them out as i have seen them recommended frequently. Sketches look great man. You have any halflings or gnomes coming up on the menu?

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    That’s an awesome approach and it obviously works great based off everything i’ve seen. I would never consider myself an artist. At most a successful copycat lol. I’m just all over the place with how i go about these things. Usually attempt a good idea and it cascades into a mini series of getting sidetracked from multiple tasks until i’m sitt there wondering wtf i just did. Completely structured inmy approach until I start and it ends up purely off intuition and I forget all the things that I warned myself not to forget.

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    Milliput is fairly good. It tends to be a bit grainy and is not really good for sculpting tiny details, but you can make sharp edges with it. Magic Sculpt is about the best self-hardening sculpting medium you can get. I made some very good minis with it. However I seem to be a bit alergic to it. Super Sculpey is very good, too. I made some great minis with sculpey. Very good for sharp edges. The problem with sculpey is that it is a bit transparent. Hard to take good pictures of it as you dont see the details that good. Also sometimes hard to see some details while our sculpting. My favourite is Bees Putty as you now, closely followed by Fimo which I also like using very much.

    Look through my Gallery here on cmon. then you can see what I coud achive with the different puttys.

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