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    Calling this last ghosty feller done! Now moving on to my Dark Angels kill team in a Deathwing color scheme.

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    Good job on ghosts!
    Now let's see how the space guys will turn out

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    Wow, its been a hot minute since I posted here. Life got in the way, but I've been painting on and off (mostly off) for all this time. Anyway, never to late to pick up the pieces so here I go:

    My latest finished project is Tribe Chief Morrow for a christmas present for my mentor at work, I feel like this dude captures his soul. C&C wanted!

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    Excellent work. The jump from your first pic (2019) to now is very noticeable. Lovely blending and highlighting.

    I do like those haunts, may have to pick a few up myself.

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    Thanks so much! Yeah I am happy with my development

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    This looks amazing, I love the colors and textures you have going on here. It'll be a very cool gift.

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    Alrigth, another one down! I actually completed this one a while back but only getting to post my photos now.

    I'm trying my hand at this display painting thing, tricky but fun. How do you think I could improve my display painting?

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    That's great. Great colours

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    Hello Fuentes! You already have great painting skills in my opinion. If you want to improve, below are my suggestions:

    - I think you can soften some transitions, especially about the green tones of the cloth. Maybe you can try to add some diluted layers of intermediate color between light and shadow areas.
    - you could try to add more color variations on skin tones, like cool and hot color to reinforce the contrasts with light glazes. Face and hands are appropriate areas to receive more saturated colors, in order to captivate the eye. Take a look at SaintToad's wip, it will illustrate the point.
    - The texture effect on the ochre-coloured cloth looks really nice, I think you can bring it on the shaded area and softer transitions in the same time.

    Well, this is my view, for what it's worth. Anyway, keep up the good work!

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    Really nice work on the Morrow bust! As for the recent one, besides what Kallfa mentioned, I would recommend working on the eyes. Judges are going to want to see more detail in the eyes, especially for busts and larger scale figures. Unless you are going for a milky looking eye (like he is blind) but if that is the case, maybe paint the eye and then glaze over it with some light grey or white to give it a milky look while still letting the iris slightly show through.

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    I think it looks really good too - certainly what Kallfa and ekipage mention are some good improvements. Keep going!

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    This is such good feedback yall! I truly appreciate it. Your comments make me feel less lonesome and doubtful at my painting desk! Cheers.

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    Welcome back!
    Your Tribe Chief Morrow is looking great. I'm confident that your gift is going to be highly appreciated :-)

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    Plunging deep into my first attempt at NMM. Very scary but soldiering on. How am I doing?

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    You're on the right track ^^

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    Painting NMM is a good challenge! I never really tried (because I'm quite lasy with that), but I think there are several things that you could use to improve your work. One of the key is to know how reflection works once you have chosen your light source. You can read some articles on coolminiornot, I recommend you this one (but there are more interesting articles): several rules with simple illustrations are expained, like the opposition between lights and shadows, light values, color variations, etc. There are a lot of article about painting NMM on miniatures arround the web, but you can find very intersting tips from 2D painting as well (the process comes from here btw).

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    Alas, this knight shall never ride. My two year old son took his mount and smote its ruin upon the kitchen floor. Sigh...

    Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the NMM result! I'd consider it a success for a first attempt at this technique.

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    Ah the bane of fantastic beasts and brave space warriors everywhere: 2 year olds.

    for what it's worth, I think you did a great job on this guy's armor, and his face and shield also look super cool.
    Plus you can always use him as a test piece for new techniques?

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    Another one done! This time it's the giant Moloch from Figone. Inspired by following the Pateron of the wonderful basing master Oliver Späth.
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