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This year, one of my hobby goals is to paint the Zombicide Season 1 boxed game. I'm under no illusions of how tricky that will be for me, as there are 64 zombies in the box along with the survivors, and I've never painted that many before!

Back in 2017 on my return to the hobby, as a test piece, I painted one of the zombies from the "Expansion: Box of Zombies - Set #1 Walk of The Dead" box, which contains 24 zombicide zombies (all the same sculpt as the season 1 boxed game). I progressed the next few in 2018, but I didn't complete them, so I thought before I got cracking on the season 1 box, I'd finish the expansion.

Individually, the results are a little looser than I'd aim for normally, but I think when all the models are grouped together, I think it works quite well.

The aim for zombies are really to speed paint them to a reasonable "gaming standard". Whether I ever actual play a game remains to be seen; the aim is really to complete the set, and in the process improve brush control and colour choice through practice, without really putting myself under any pressure or frustration by seeking perfection - it's about the overall effect of a big shambling horde of zombies!

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