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    I didn’t think that my minis were great by any stretch of the imagination but... they can’t be that bad. 2.8, 2.9, jeez I don’t think I’ve doled out a single 1 rating no matter how bad it is. IMHO 1s and 2s should be reserved for no effort, like I squirted paint out if the bottle directly onto the mini and did nothing else. Apparently folks in here are suuuuper critical. I’ve been painting for 2 years I can’t be that bad : ( feeling a lil but hurt about it.

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    ah you got some trolls, don't sweat it. Turn off the scores and just use it as a place to store your completed projects and track your progress over time. Start a wip thread and come hang with the cool kids who don't give a crap about the numbers and will help you grow and learn and enjoy the hobby
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    Thanks man lol. I’ll just use it as inspiration to do better, didn’t know you could turn off scores! I just might... I mostly just thought the numbers were comically low for how much GD work I put into these... oh well!

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    Zab has the best advice. In my eyes your color usage Such as patterns, shading, highlights, and blending are in thE 6 range to me (a couple of the barbarians are much weaker though with sloppy looking paint management and I'd say closer to 4).

    Completing the bases helps you, but watch out for mold lines. They always distract from a mini being "cool" nd generally lead to deducts. I also suspect that multi views of the mini submitted in a collage helps with score (note that multiple views submitted as different submissions generally irritates me and each additional submission copy suffers a deduct from me.

    Like Zab said, ignore the score and join the wips. You seem to have a decent grasp of this hobby and a little feedback and practice would probably be beneficial.

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    Yea don't let the numbers get to ya. Never know what's serious and what's not.
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    yep, we are harsh. But it could help you improve more if given [b]constructive[b] criticism on the specific figures.

    with the exception of the naga (I'd rate that one higher) the average looks okish to me. (and no not voted on them yet)
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    I’m ok with ok for now, thanks y’all. I’m gettin there.
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    I’ve taken a look at the scoring and while you have been the target of some unduly harsh scores, your average is about what I’d expect.
    I have to point out that some of your pieces are what I would term “beginner level” , which is not a bad thing as we’re here to give advice and encouragement.

    The thing to remember is that the ‘bar’ has been set pretty damn high with some of the pieces on here, even putting professional painters who’ve written books and done demonstration and box art for Both GW and Foundry in the situation of not achieving higher than 8’s.

    Don’t be discouraged, start a W.I.P. thread take the advice on board and paint. Remember this is like Golf the only person you have to better is yourself.
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    I disagree that the scores are "harsh"

    One of the issues I have with posting completed models on other sites, like Facebook groups etc, is that you get the same response regardless of how "good" your work is.

    On Facebook I get a bunch of likes, love hearts, an "Exclaimed" emojis.

    OK, I get that no one wants to "offend" anyone's work, but no one learns from "Wow, that's AWESOME!!!11!!!

    We learn by constructive criticism and honest feedback, the "Everyone one's a WINNER" generation we are not, yet I see that everywhere.

    Here at Coolminiornot, when posting a miniature you will get an HONEST score, I've never had higher than a 7 for my work, and when you see what gets 9 or 10, you see why...!

    My work...a 6.4
    Someone else's 9.4 work:
    My 7.0 Mammoth
    A 9.0 Mammoth from someone else:

    THAT pushes me to try harder, to get better, to learn new techniques.

    Why are we so scared of that these days?

    Now, to be sure there are aberrations, I see some "8's" that clearly aren't that good, and some "6's" that are much better...

    I personally think my Zhull is better than my dragon, but the scores are opposite...

    But overall you get a pretty honest appraisal.

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