New Zombicide BP on KS?
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Thread: New Zombicide BP on KS?

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    Default New Zombicide BP on KS?

    Do you think guys we will get new KS campaigning this year with Zombicide BP? Maybe Zombicide Red Horde?

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    I hope we will get a third entry in the fantasy line before it’s done, but I think this years Zombicide entry will be the Romero based one. This may also be the closest people may get to a revamped Modern Zombicide. Although I’d love to see a modern entry that incorporated the smaller, vault sized, tiles as stairways from one level to the next.

    For fantasy, I’d like to see Dwarven “fatties” and Elven “runners”. Maybe armored zombies, and things that aren’t zombies. Like vampires, mummies, etc.

    Also going to put out there that I would REALLY like to see a Massive Darkness 2 this year, with tighter rules, traps, and more stuff to cross over Zombicide.

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