Xhull, converteed Zhull by Mierce
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Thread: Xhull, converteed Zhull by Mierce

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    Default Xhull, converteed Zhull by Mierce

    Here is my completed modified Zhull:


    It has the head and tail of Mierce's Kasamaster:
    On the body of Zhull:
    Which is in turn a mod of Krull:
    Which as you can see is the same head as zhull, and since I have a Krull, I wanted a different look.

    Now it has scored a lowly 6.3, which I feel is on the low side, but what I would appreciate mjore that a score, is FEEDBACK, as in words of text i can read...

    160 views and no one word posted...!

    Thanks guys!

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    Voted and commented. Great work mate
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Voted. Things I like are the skin and the metalic of the claws. I'm not convinced of the armor though. The pattern doesn't convince me if it should be metal or leather and I may be confused as the armor seems too glossy in the picture.

    Still a darn nice mini and I like the modifications you made.

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    Wow, impressive! I love the legs and hooves, really nice textures and details going on there
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