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    Started painting miniatures last month, and have really enjoyed it. I watch videos, look at postings online, and have glanced at award winning miniatures, and can't wait to be able to paint on that level. Posted, are my latest attempt at painting, and I would greatly appreciate some feedback as to where I stumbled, and where I succeeded in the eyes of the miniature painting world. Out of the gate, I realized that the oxide treatment was a no-go, but figured I could massage it to work; end result, I used something I shouldn't have for this project. Otherwise, I think brush control and blending are my next areas of focus. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    Those are really nice

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    Not that I'm an expert by any stretch, but there are two things that jump out at me.

    The part joint lines on the guns. Fix those gaps and your eye won't immediately be drawn to them. Plus they scream "this is a model".

    I also think that your highlights and the dirt/oil stains are too big. They give away the scale right away. It's not the area they cover that I mean, it's the size of the brush strokes. You could have that same area but with tinier brush strokes and it would be fine.

    Other than that I like the paint job. Even the mistake you mention doesn't really look like a mistake. Good job overall.

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    First off, thank you, your response was helpful. I agree on the gap; on these models, I learned that, for me, the “easy to build” attachment posts need to be removed to provide a tighter fit between components. I confirmed my theory with some plague marines I assembled after completing the haulers. In addition, I now have some green stuff and some green filler that I have left from an older, unrelated, project that I hope to start playing with on my upcoming character projects and bases. I agree, The weathering/drips are “off scale”, and I imagine that could be fixed with either a smaller brush (used a Rafael #2 round), or better brush control.
    Again, thank you! I’m really excited to improve, and am really enjoying my time with the brush.
    **Side note, mailman delivered my new Grex airbrush yesterday!** So STOKED!!

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    Really nice work!

    I like the grime and slightly battered look, it really works with those figures.

    I'd say, add more grime! Maybe go in with some details to add smaller grime dots, smaller scratches and weathering. Maybe add some really bright highlights on the metal tips too, so they stand out.
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    Some really good work, especially for some of your first pieces. Now the biggest one as already mentioned is to spend a little more time in the prep stage to get the mini ready for painting. The ‘cleaner’ you get the mini, the more enjoyable the paint will be, and a paint job can only ever be as good as the sculpt will allow, so if there’s a massive join mark, no matter how good your paint is, that joint will always be there, and will stand out like dogs balls
    As for the painting, it is really nice, especially for a beginner painter... I won’t offer and feedback on what can be improved etc, all I will say is keep painting. The more you paint the better you will get, so carry on and keep at it

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    They look great man! Very impressive with the short amount of time painting too. Congrats on the new airbrush too. I just picked up a new one and am waiting for some thread adapters coming in the mail. Airbrushing is awesome and full of utility, really impressive what people can do. I’m complete garbage on my airbrush and it still saves me time. Keep up the great work, look forward to seeing more.

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