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    Stark Bowmen

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    I like Ike how they turned out, but have a couple things I may have tried differently that I’ll share in case someone else wants to try it.

    First, I kinda wish I had painted the dark grey undertunic a brown with grey edging, as I did with Ser Roderick, to be padded armor. I had polled some friends, and they preferred the all grey, but still wonder if that might have been a better option.

    The other her thing I wish I had done is on a larger scope. As seen with my Sworn Swords posted before, these have the same color choices. I feel like maybe it would have been better to swap the three greys that I used around for the wolf, tunic, and undertunic when going from infantry, to archers, to cav. This would have added further differentiation between the unit types. Hindsight 20/20, I guess.

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    They turned out well! I struggle with deciding weather to differentiate the color schemes between units or match them all for uniformity. So far matching has won out for me.

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    Yeah, I’m not unhappy with the direction I ended up in, but I think part of me will always wonder.

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