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    Default Bring on the girls!!

    Bolton’s Bastard Girls, that is.

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    I went with a more non-military look with these. Gives them more the feel of hunters, than trained men, since they are more associated with Ramsay over Roose. But that’s my preference. I plan to do the other Bolton units as more unified military, as I see them more associated with Roose.

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    My box of these arrived today. I can't wait to get these painted. You did a good job getting a nice variety of looks with the dogs!

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    Good luck with yours. I’m fairly happy with the dogs. They were good practice before diving into Fallout Wasteland Warfare and Dogmeat.

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    I like the subtle variety of colors that you used on the dogs. I plan to go that route for some variety!

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    Just my personal preference. I try to avoid painting minis the exact same if I can, unless it makes sense. I mean we all look different, right?

    i wish you luck, and look forward to you posting your work.
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    I hope to post some things eventually. My problem is I never seem to finish models. I jump from mini to mini or unit to unit. My Sworn Swords and Umber Berserkers are close though!

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