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    Two versions of the Mountain.

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    I like how the yellow turned out. It’s a combination of a Model Color “sand yellow” (really good coverage for a yellow btw) and GW’s yellow wash. Then a darker wash over that to bring it down some.

    I’m almost done with the mounted version, and will share here once he’s done.

    PS - not really sure why some pics are sideways in these posts, and some are not. They were all taken the same way.

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    Looks great! I need to finish mine up!

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    Thanks! Just finished the mounted version up to the point of needing a wash. (Well that and painting base after I get more Army Green)

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    Did you prime these yellow? I hate painting yellow and have started using yellow primer as a short cut for these situations.

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    I did not. I tend to prime everything white. I used a green once, with Green Horde. It helped in some places, but also made some colors more difficult. Tho I am thinking about priming black for my Nights Watch army, we’ll see. I also tend to not use actual black either, lol.

    The “sand yellow” mentioned above covers really well without the need to prepaint the area, unlike every other yellow I’ve tried. It also brightens up really well with the yellow wash. Taking it from almost pastel yellow, to YELLOW!! I put a different wash over him when I was done, to tone it down a bit.

    Here’s the mounted version, without the second wash, for a bit of comparison.

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    Looks good! I wish I had this mini. I primed black on my Nights Watch stuff. The paint up pretty quickly which is nice! There is so much batch painting in this game, the Nights Watch is definitely your friend! Lol.

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    Finished the mounted Mountain, except for the green base.

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    Turned out darker than I intended, due to having to go back and fix some wash issues, but still a good piece I think.
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    Turned out great! Such a great model. Everyone in the backgrounds is trembling in feat of the Mountain!

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