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Thread: State of the game in Reno, NV

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    Default State of the game in Reno, NV

    Thought I would share how the game is here in Reno, NV as a data source in case others might be interested.

    We just finished up a 6 round tournament/league with 9 players. We've been playing most of the games at The Glass Die, our local game bar. That means a number of people usually come up asking about the game. Because of the exposure we have at least 6 new players in the past two weeks or so. The game is really taking off. In June we will be hosting a Learn to Play, a 3 round tournament, and a learn to speed paint event at the local gaming convention, RageCon.

    If you're near the area RageCon will be a great time. Dates: June 28-30. Saturday is our 16 person beginner friendly tournament with some great prize support too.

    With all of the new players we will be starting another league up soon. Not sure if we will run it as a ladder system or a standard tournament style. The cool thing is that we have one of the KickStarter thrones mounted on a nice wooden pedestal and the winners of each event gets to paint swords on the trophy with the top winner being able to place any one item to sit on top the throne as they have claimed it until the next event. This is kept on display at the game bar for all to see. Kind of a fun way to incentivize winning.

    Anyway, thought I'd share with others what's been going on here in the Biggest Little City. Name:  FB_IMG_1558313770220.jpg
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    That is great! Down here in Fresno we just wrapped up a 8 person Learn to Play / Tournament on Saturday with the Game Night Kit #2 prize support and a custom engraved Freefolk drinking horn as a prize! Name:  61393748_2314557575532902_7937026089002467328_n.jpg
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