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    Hey, CMON friends, it's been a while. I've been lost to the non-hobby world for the past 6 months. Had to pack up all my things to sell my old place, bought a house and have been doing repairs/renovations, holidays happened, and started a new job. It's all been very stressful. But now I have hobby time again! And with only 2 months 'til Crystal Brush, I have to remember how to paint.

    I'm going to put all my focus on 2 entries this year, a bust and a large scale. The bust is from Ares Mythologic and I just started working on the head, base coated the flesh, did the eyes, and started the NMM.

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    And for the large scale, I'm finally painting that elk rider I've teased in the past WIP thread for about 4 years. I stripped the elk and have primed it, and started building the base, which will of course have water effects.

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    Well, I would say in all the real world transitions that you haven’t missed a step in painting skill.

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    That's NMM on the bust? That's really jaw-dropping!

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    Backand better than ever bud!!!! So awesome to see you in action derek again!!!i get the chills looking at the knights helmet. Being away hasn’t robbed you of your skills. As a matter of fact things seem to look better than every.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Bob View Post
    That's NMM on the bust? That's really jaw-dropping!
    Even though it's only started and the transitions are still rough, but the light-placement... seriously good. I'd accept it even at this state as finished.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thanks KB, Bam, glad to be back painting. Bob, it is indeed NMM, and Max is correct, this is still early on. I feel it'll take about 3-4 paint sessions per section of helmet to get it right.

    Here's a shot of what the full bust looks like:

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